Customer to Business

It’s really about knowing your customer and showing them you’re listening, caring, adopting, anticipating, Going-the-extra-mile by doing the large-, small-, and in-between things that show you really care. Simply put, it is delivering value at speed and scale while treating customers as individuals.

C2B isn’t the future….It’s what’s happening now. You must transform your business to deliver the best experience possible to win the hearts and minds of you customers – keep them loyal and coming back for more; however, there is still a gap to close. While nearly 9 out of 10 brands of brands are satisfied with their ability to resolve conflicts with customers, only 35% of consumers believe this is true.

So how can you close the gap between how you think you are performing and what consumers are experiencing? We have learned by working on thousands of engagements – including 2000 leading brand name companies - this starts when you put the customer at the center of your business and embrace a C2B strategy. There are three parts to a C2B strategy;

1. Deliver personalized content in context to drive customer engagement.

2. Collaborate and engage with partners and suppliers with speed and flexibility.

3. Deliver secure, intelligent and authentic interactions.

To execute on this strategy, we are set and ready to help. Actually, all of what you need is ready today through IBM Marketing, eCommerce and merchandising, Customer Analytics for customer engagement, Procurement, B2B Integration and Payments.

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator® makes it faster and easier to build, deploy and manage integrated B2B processes across diverse business partner communities. It powers business process orchestrations, high-volume electronic message exchange, complex routing, translation, and flexible interaction with multiple internal systems and external business partners.

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Basic Edition

Organizations are looking for ways to create more intelligent networks of business partners, customers, and suppliers in order to enhance efficiency and profitability. However, business-to-business (B2B) interactions do not exist in isolation, and must be integrated with your internal systems and processes.

IBM® Sterling Managed File Transfer

IBM® Sterling Managed File Transfer enables enterprises to manage and control the critical information flows that run their dynamic business networks. Through seamless, reliable and secure data delivery you can improve business performance, reduce IT complexity, support growth and reduce your risk.

B2B Cloud Services

Changing marketplace conditions such as growing complexity, increased customer requirements and lack of visibility have increased the value of effective B2B process automation. Built on a security-rich cloud infrastructure that can better process multiple millions of transactions a day, IBM’s B2B Cloud Solution’s service-oriented architecture gives the solution the agility to adapt to the ever-changing needs of multi-enterprise environments. Results include cost savings, process improvements and a competitive advantage for you.

IBM Digital Experience Solutions

The IBM Digital Experience platform enables organizations to create, manage, optimize, and deliver multi-channel experiences to all constituents, whether they use the company's intranet, extranet, or public-facing website on virtually any device. It provides the tools needed to create Web content, Web applications, forms, and transactional back-end integrations that empower the business to deliver engaging digital experiences.