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Enterprise Solutions Consulting Practice

When it comes to implementing enterprise solutions, identifying and addressing the challenges you’ll face right from the get go will help you make the most of your enterprise solution and avoid mistakes and delays.  

Following a process for systems selection is important but not sufficient. Business leaders must focus specifically on the key challenges that they can expect to face and develop a strategy for overcoming them. Each individual enterprise has unique challenges. But they will certainly include: 


  • Documenting business processes & requirements 
  • Effectively engaging sponsors. 
  • Selecting the right IT solution 
  • Selecting & managing implementation partners.  
  • Transitioning the project to operation. 
  • Integrating technologies & managing change  
  • Monitoring effectiveness

ERP implementation can potentially reduce costs in four primary categories: 

  • Inventory Costs 
  • Supply Chain Costs 
  • Administrative Costs 
  • IT support, maintenance and integration costs 

A net result can be that sales growth can be achieved without increasing headcount in certain key areas such as finance & inventory management. 

ERP can deliver several soft benefits  

  • Realignment of home grown business processes to “best in class” business process, which in turn leads to better data quality throughout the organization. 
  • Faster IT integration to new applications, such as best-of-breed SaaS and Cloud applications, supporting new business processes. 
  • Improve organization’s customer service through better access to integrated data 
  • Improve organization’s response time when solving issues 
  • Can solve interoperability among disparate business units or locations 
  • Can standardize and accelerate supply chain processes 
  • Facilitate connecting with partners’ and suppliers enterprise systems for improved visibility 
  • Facilitate compliance with government regulations 

It is important to note that legacy systems, such as AS400 applications, can be modernized to achieve similar results at much lower costs, risk and disruptions. 

Web, Mobile & E-Commerce Applications 

E-commerce applications implementations require careful planning and execution. Develop rich applications for ecommerce, portals and mobile applications.  Connect customers, suppliers, employees and agents/distributors using the most modern web and mobile applications.  Leverage our integration experience for creating applications that will work seamlessly with your back end applications. 


  • Magento 
  • Big Commerce 
  • Nop Commerce 
  • IBM Websphere Commerce 
  • SPICE Trade B2B E-Commerce 

Solution Planning 

Our team has the experience to deal with your unique requirements. Our services team is introduced to you early on, so we can better understand your needs from the onset. With our scenario-based evaluation and procurement, we can ensure our services truly meet your business needs.

Digital Experience 

Our agency partners bring best-in-class marketing practices, while best-of-breed cloud software from IBM and other leading vendors help deliver awesome, personalized digital experiences.  We have the know-how and e-commerce best practices to help you transform great digital experiences into amazing revenue generators.  


Site Implementation 

We have experience working within complex IT environments. We can provide a local or distributed team consisting of solution architects, business analysts, project managers and developers that works with your internal team or system integrator. We also have certified global implementation partners available.


The SPICE team puts all the pieces of the puzzle together and complete the e-commerce picture.  An amazing e-commerce or Omni channel experience depends on a fully integrated environment which includes integrating other applications and data sources such as inventory management systems, fulfillment applications and product catalog  

Supply Chain Systems 

We help with selection, implementation and integration of strategic supply chain technology. Our consultants combine deep functional knowledge of the key processes along the retail, industrial and consumer goods value chain with a strategic perspective across a company’s entire business system.  We understand and can anticipate the critical interdependencies, the opportunities for leverage and the risks of unintended consequences.  We work with selection and deployment of several major supply chain application systems including SAP, Oracle, Manhattan, Red Praire, Maple Lake, JDA, High Jump, IBM Sterling Commerce, GXS and our own SPICE-eTM Enablers & Accelerators

  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Systems
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Systems
  • Vendor Portals
  • Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
  • Global Sourcing Systems
  • Inventory Allocation & Replenishment Systems
  • Customer Portals

Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting Applications 

Industry leaders build the assortments customers want, understand, forecast and shape demand more precisely, and fulfill the promise of Omni channel retail.  Merchandise Financial Planning is a high-level approach to setting an organization’s sales, margin and inventory targets. With software solutions, merchandise teams can plan their business without getting caught up in the lower-level details of the product hierarchy.  A good merchandise planning process manages an organization’s traditional open-to-buy and an integrated solution offers the flexibility to choose your own planning calendar and manage strategic plan targets across any period within the time dimension. Find out how SPICE can help you select and implement the right Merchandise Planning & Forecasting solution for your firm. 

EDI and B2B Technology & Managed Services 

As you start evaluating EDI solutions, you have a number of choices.  Careful consideration needs to be given to which option makes the most sense – both short and long term – for your company.  One of the first choices you need to make is whether you will set up an in-house, do-it-yourself model or enlist the expertise of a managed EDI service provider. How do you know which option makes the most sense to your company?

SPICE is an expert at EDI and B2B solutions.  Leverage our experience for the right Trading Partner Management, EDI & B2B solution. 

IBM AS400 Modernization

Whether you’re thinking about modernization with refacing, integrating, mobilizing, extending or developing new IBMi applications, we have the experience and dedication to guarantee your success.  The release of IBM RPG Open Access has ensured the platform’s much loved programming language has a bright future. You can modernize your iSeries investment and get it ready for web & mobile primetime!  

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