IT Staff Augmentation

IT Expertise 

As a firm that delivers technology solutions that focus on supply chain, we clearly understand the talent germane to each IT role. Our strong industry network and IT background gives our customers a strategic advantage to tap into a skilled and experienced pool of IT resources to lead, supplement and strengthen your teams.

A proven process 

From understanding our client requirements to matching them to the right resources, our teams go through a rigorous process to ensure IT projects are successfully managed and serviced.

 Flexible engagement models 

We tailor each project to resolve a need from basic staff augmentation to an all encompassing statement of work resource model.

Trust, Commitment, Value 

We are recognized as a trusted partner with a strong commitment to  long term relationships that deliver superior value.

The right talent for each role  

Our resource pool is deep and wide for roles such as: Architects, Consultants, PMs, QAs, Developers, Specialists, IT Management, IT Executives, E-commerce, EDI, Digital, Web, Infrastructure, Middleware, Integration, Business Processes, CRM, ERP, Networks and more. 

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