can help match payments with expected business benefits from software and services initiatives; conserve cash for use in other parts of the business; and simplify financial management of complex projects.

IBM Global Financing helps thousands of clients of all sizes create more budget flexibility and reduce up front cost outlays with customized payment solutions to help CFOs achieve company goals. By offering rates as low as 0%, with predictable scheduled payments, you can purchase or lease from IBM and non-IBM IT suppliers.

Why wait? IBM Global Financing is there to support you. Financing solutions can be approved in just minutes for credit qualified clients. Acquire the IT solutions you need to drive innovation and growth.

IBM Global Financing can provide flexible financing options and low rates that can:

  • Increase your purchasing power with affordable monthly payments
  • Align costs to projected benefits and improve ROI
  • Preserve cash and credit lines for strategic business investments
  • Keep up with the latest technologies with leasing based refreshes