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SPICE Insight

Spice Managed Analytics

Simple. Fast. Affordable.

SPICE works with new generation agile Business Intelligence technology tools, to develop powerful Reports, Dashboards and Scoreboards, ON-Site or On-the-cloud. Information is made available and disseminated to the organization and authorized external parties through web applications, mobile phones, tablets, and social media in a fast and reliable manner.

Productivity Reports

Sales per hour

Sales per labour

Basket Analysis

Item Pairing

Sales per transaction

Omni Channel Live Board


7 Reasons for SPICE Managed Analytics:

1. We understand the industries we work with and their relevant KPI’s.

2. Reports, Dashboards, and Scorecards are easy to understand and simple to use.

3. We leverage our library of reports organized by a vertical industry and functional domain acquired through years of experience and client successes.

4. We provide a data integration layer with your ERP.

5. Advisory services are complementary, including deep domain knowledge, best practices and retail math, metrics, and KPI’s.

6. There is little to no IT impact. Days or weeks to implement, instead of months.

7. Our solutions are scalable.

Reporting and Analytics Framework:

Dashboards and Reports Library:

Management Reports 

  • Sales- per sq’, per customer, per employee
  • Gross Margin- per sq’, per customer , per employee, GMROI
  • Inventory- stock to sales, out of stock, or excess

Key Trends

  • New product introduction
  • Products reaching their end of line
  • Top items trending up or down
  • Slow moving inventory
  • Fast moving inventory

Vendor Score Cards

  • Vendor sales and profitability rankings
  • Inventory turnover rates and GMROI
  • Fill rates and items not shipped
  • On time deliveries
  • Invoice accuracy

Logistics & Wholesale

  • Costs per shipment
  • Costs per carton
  • Capacity utilization
  • Service Quality Metrics- Delivery on time & in full

Promotion Performance 

  • Sales & GM for promoted items
  • Sell-through
  • Net profitability (after labour costs)
  • History & Comparisons of promotional events over time


  • Top & bottom stores
  • Top & bottom skus
  • Top & bottom subclasses

Learn more about SPICE Insight:

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