B2B & EDI Integration

boosts your competitiveness by connecting you with your business partners seamlessly, through one of North America’s largest and most scalable data exchange network. We create frictionless interaction between companies—from the cloud to the client—through a secure, reliable, and data-rich platform.

EDI Outsourcing & Trading Partner Onboarding

Rolling out a large community of trading partner is our speciality.  With a growing community of over 2,000 trading partners active on our cloud EDI/B2B integration platform SPICE Connect, we have perfected the craft of “herding cats” – the art and science of on-boarding & enabling a large community of trading partners.  Our Set-Ready-GoTM rollout methodology ensures that your large community of trading partners can be rapidly on-boarded to a set of technical standards, while our technology platform ensures that all your trading partners have easy-to-use, standards-based technical means to connect with you.


Integration Standards Development

We develop, integrate, test and publish the EDI, XML and webservice API (REST or JSON) standards and documentation that will be used by your trading partners to integrate with you. Or, we can use your existing EDI Implementation Guides to expand your rollout efforts.


EDI Compliance Testing & Certification

Trading Partners can access our self-service EDI compliance and API testing portal to go through self managed testing, while they receive all the support they need by our knowledgeable EDI on-boarding team. They can test any type of interface including EDI, XML and Flat File interfaces for any standards based integration, including EDI certification.


Solutions for Small Trading Partners

SPICE uses specialized web portals and any-to-any data file translation services to EDI-enable small trading partners who cannot handle EDI or webservice APIs. With SPICE Connect Web EDI, smaller trading partners can participate in your supply chain integration or drop ship e-commerce program with ease.


Optimize your business for omnichannel.


Our products are designed to conquer retail, distribution and eCommerce’s biggest challenges. Working together they help you plan, collaborate and share data and information with your Trading Partners so that together you can improve the consumer’s shopping experience – across all channels.

Easy B2B & EDI Integration for Small Organizations

EDI compliance can be expensive, but not with SPICE. We make EDI compliance easy and affordable, while providing you with different options that fit your business needs and budget. SPICE Connect Cloud EDI is fast and affordable for companies of all sizes…EDI, XML, Flat Files, AS2, APIs and more.


Web EDI for Fast Compliance

The SPICE Connect Web EDI solution gives you an instant EDI compliance solution for your Trading Partner. Your supply chain customer service team can receive Purchase Orders online from all your Trading Partners, while your finance associate sends Invoices for completed shipments. Your 3rd party logistics provider can send ASNs on your behalf and print your shipping labels, price tickets and more!.


ERP Integration for Efficiency

High volume customers can fully integrate EDI with their backend Order Management and ERP systems, without purchasing expensive EDI software. We will directly integrate with any ERP system with file formats such as XML, CSV and Flat Files, or a webservice API. Use the same ERP integration adapters to connect to marketplaces and online sales channels.

Web – ERP Hybrid Integration

Integrate core business documents such as Purchase Orders and Invoices to your back-end ERP /Order Management system. Use the SPICE Connect Web interface to manage “difficult” documents such catalogues, ASN, PO Change, Purchase Order Acknowledgements and others! Quick compliance and internal efficiencies give you best of both worlds!

Seamless collaboration.

SPICE Connect is a Cloud EDI Listing, Ordering and Fulfilment solution that integrates with more than 100 accounting, ERP, WMS and TMS systems. One connection to interconnect with all your customers, marketplaces, suppliers, logistics providers, banks and all other Trading Partners.

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