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Ecommerce & Omnichannel Solutions

“I want to provide a great experience, regardless of whether my customer shops in-store, online or through a variety of other channels.  My ability to bring the shopper back depends on many factors from the point she starts to shop in any of our channels, to the time she receives her merchandise

The “Engine Room” for Commerce & Supply Chain Powers Omni-channel

Catalogs & Content Management for Retailers

SPICE Catalog Connect enables retailers to go-to-market faster with accurate and up-to-date product content.  Retailers can aggregate disparate content from multiple sources and integrate this content directly in to their new product listing process, eCommerce systems and other applications that consume product data.  Product data can be sourced directly from the Brands, distributors and from various data pools.


Endless Aisle & Vendor Drop Ship

Retailers can list and sell products online that they do not carry in store.  They can also link directly to the inventory and shipping capability of their vendor base so that they do not have to warehouse “endless aisle” products.  Vendors can drop-ship ordered items directly to consumers with complete retailer-specified labelling and branding.  Retailers can vastly increase assortment and add sales & margins without accruing inventory and shipping costs.


Buy Online, Ship from Anywhere – Distributed Order Management System (DOMS)

Distributed Order Management Systems (DOMS) helps you deliver a superior customer experience by enabling your company to execute and coordinate order fulfillment processes across your extended supply chain network. It provides flexible, process-based management of orders from multiple channels and enables customized fulfillment based upon user-defined business requirements. An OMS links between your E-Commerce, ERP and WMS systems and determines which fulfillment option (eg. ship from store, Distribution Center or vendor drop-ship) is the best option to ensure highest customer satisfaction.

Building Industrial-Grade E-Commerce in the “Amazon Era”

The retail industry is rapidly changing as consolidation of retailers and brands becomes the norm. Technology and consumer habits are driving the remodeling of the purchasing process, and organizations need to take an omnichannel approach in order to be prepared for the new retail landscape. SPICE brings a holistic set of technology and marketing management capabilities to retailers, manufacturers, brands, and distributors who are looking to compete with a digital strategy.

SPICE Solutions
and Omnichannel

You want to provide a great experience to the customer whether they shop in store, online, or through a variety of other channels. Your ability to bring the shopper back depends on many factors from the point they start to shop to the time they receive their merchandise.

“A superior online experience depends on your ability to provide a personalized experience, wide assortment & availability and the ability to deliver the product in the shortest possible time for the least possible cost”.

Ensure that your supply chain is as agile as your online commerce system.

A connected Supply Chain ensures customer satisfaction.  Retailers can ensure that their product is always available in-stock for shipping by integrating orders and order confirmation responses with their suppliers.

Leverage SPICE Connect and the IBM Supply Chain Network (SCN) to connect your customers, suppliers, logistics providers, financial institutions and other Trading Partners.  Integrate Purchase Orders, Catalogs, Invoices, Advanced Sip Notice (ASN) and a lot more using cloud EDI, web, XML, webservice and other integration means.  

B2B & B2C E-Commerce for Brands & Distributors

Brands and distributors deal with hundreds or thousands of smaller independent retail channels.  These channels often place orders using email, fax and phone call.

SPICE Trade helps automate these channels by providing a simple, fast and affordable eCommerce channel for order automation.  Reduce order management costs and increase customer satisfaction with SPICE Trade.

Catalogs & Content Management for Brands & Retailers

Product content is created by go-to-market teams, not IT. A brand’s sales and marketing teams deserve powerful, user-friendly tools to flexibly create and distribute the rich content that B2B customers demand.  Your customers range from mass market retailers and marketplaces to smaller independents and dealers with differing needs and capabilities.

  • Create better product information and improve collaboration
  • Expand retail assortment with automated data feeds
  • Get to market faster with an accelerated onboarding process 

Digital Experience

Digital Management Solutions from IBM help you respond to individual expectations, reach more customers and deliver exceptional customer experiences by delivering rich, engaging and personalized web experiences through multiple channels.  Find out how an integrated software to combine social, mobile, dynamic content and analytics will help you anticipate customer needs and build brand loyalty.


Use customer experience management software tools to help you develop and manage dynamic content and rich media, and deliver them to a variety of channels.


Create more targeted campaigns and dynamically adapt content and offers based on user actions and preferences.


Make it easier for users to interact with your business and share ideas and opinions.


Communicate throughout multiple channels such as mobile devices, other websites, social sites, kiosks and email. Link to back-office applications, cloud-based services, social sites and more.

Integrating Customer & Supplier Fulfilment Channels.

SPICE Connect boosts your competitiveness by connecting you with your business partners seamlessly, through one of North America’s largest and most scalable data exchange network. We create frictionless interaction between companies—from the cloud to the client—through a secure, reliable, and data-rich platform.

Use the network to share product content, send and receive inventory status, orders, order confirmations, advance ship notices, ship labels and much more.

Merchandise Planning for the Omni-channel Retailer

Omni-channel retailers need to plan and manage sales, gross margin and inventory across stores and online.  Top down and bottom up plans leads to agreement between the VP of Merchandising, VP of E-Commerce & the CFO and helps builds open-to-buy budgets that keeps financial guardrails intact.

Assortment Planning ensures that the right product is available at the right store or online for maximized sales and gross margins.

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