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Merchandise Planning, Assortment & Forecasting

Accelerate your Merchandise Planning capability

Spice Insight Merchandise Planning and Forecasting (MPF) is a simple, fast and affordable tool that offers the same key functionalities of large enterprise systems.  Spice Insight MPF is ideal for:

  • Organizations that are starting in their journey to implementing the right disciplines and best practices in their merchandise financial planning journey and ?

  • Organizations that have tried and abandoned other systems and are ready to move to a simple but best in class tool that combines training, documentation, change management and a fanatical support service.  

Does this sound familiar?

Our Approach

Phase 1

  • Top Down – Bottom Up planning (integrating the financial and the merchandise plan) 
  • Merchandise Planning
  • In Season Forecasting 
  • Open to Buy (OTB) Budgeting

Phase 2

  • Store – Omni-channel Planning
  • Store Clustering – Profiling
  • Assortment Planning

Managed Analytics

Spice Insight MPF comes with a library of dashboards and reports that enables users to easily navigate and analyze data at their fingertips.

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