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spice CATALOG is product management software that brings brands, distributors, retailers, marketplace providers, and digital advertising channels, providing complete control over product management, catalog data syndication, marketplace selling, and digital product advertising through a single, unified content management and distribution platform.

Retailer’s Expand Your Assortment: Grow Sales, Margins & Give Consumers what they want.

Consumers demand better product information. Empower them with the details they need to make a purchase by exploring our quick guide to elevating product attributes.

Brands Move Beyond Traditional Wholesale.

Grow Your Reach by building your dropship and direct-to-consumer business through greater access and exposure. Empower our dealers and retailers to sell more product through better product information.

SPICE Catalog

A hosted content network that allows retailers to onboad vendors, their catalogs and receive real time inventory updates. Brands can use the network to maintain, host and distribute product data to any retailer or marketplace in any format such as EDI 832, XML, web and standardized excel spreadsheets.

Solutions for Retailers:  Speed, Accuracy and Flexibility in acquiring product content

Ecommerce is open 24/7 and online aisles are endless. 

SPICE Catalog Connect enables retailers to go-to-market faster with accurate and up-to-date product content.  Retailers can aggregate disparate content from multiple sources and integrate this content directly in to their new product listing process, eCommerce systems and other applications that consume product data.  Product data can be sourced directly from the Brands, distributors and from various data pools.

Real time Data Sync.

Eliminate inaccurate item data throughout your enterprise systems.  SPICE Catalogue True Link ensures that your ERP, E-Commerce, Order Management and Fulfilment systems are always reliably in sync with accurate item data, including latest supplier attributes.  Your new item listing process and data sync becomes fast, efficient and accurate.

Catalogs that live to sell.

SPICE Catalog Connect brings your catalog alive by capturing the latest item attributes, shopping trends and keep your customers coming back looking for more! Receive images, videos, products reviews, blogs and real time consumer sentiment from your brands and suppliers.

Virtual retail is the new game.

Ecommerce is open 24/7 and online aisles are endless.  With SPICE Catalog Connect, you can move your “endless aisle” and vendor drop ship program to hyper-drive!  Serve new consumer audiences, strengthen your retail brand and grow revenue through added inventory, without assuming risk or incurring warehousing and delivery cost.

Solutions for Brands:  Use to content to drive sales and establish new sales channels

Product content is created by go-to-market teams, not IT. A brand’s sales and marketing teams deserve powerful, user-friendly tools to flexibly create and distribute the rich content that B2B customers demand.  

Your customers range from mass market retailers and marketplaces to smaller independents and dealers with differing needs and capabilities.

  • Create better product information and improve collaboration
  • Expand retail assortment with automated data feeds
  • Get to market faster with an accelerated onboarding process 

Grow Your Reach

Promote and sell on channels that perform.

Bolster your direct-to-consumer (D2C) presence and connect your brand with shoppers on Amazon, eBay and other key shopping destinations.  Connect the same product feed to your online site and manage all your B2C channels from a single environment.

Satisfy All B2B Sales Channels

Every retailer, dealer and marketplace has different content requirements. We remove the complexity and make it easier for you to deliver “Omni-channel” product content that meets those unique needs. With SPICE Catalog Connect you will satisfy the demands of all channel partners regardless of their unique needs for EDI, XML, web, excel or API.

Create, Link & Distribute Great Content with Ease

Promote and sell on channels that perform.
SPICE Catalog Connect allows you to build new SKUs with ease, and radically grow your selling capacity. With SPICE Catalogue Link, you can pull attribute feeds from different backend sources, and link them to create unique items. You can syndicate and distribute your product data with the scale, accuracy, and frequency to beat the competition!

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