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MANAGED ANALYTICS is a service that provides you with data-informed insights tailored to your business’ needs. Managed analytics data stores and integrates internal and external data and sends it back to your business which is displayed through straightforward custom dashboards. Subsequently, you receive insights tailored to your business which allows you to become more knowledgeable on your businesses troubles including: supply chain, customer experience, and profitability.

Light up your data

Our library of analytics, dashboards, reports and scorecards are designed to be foundational and industry relevant.


What does SPICE Managed Analytics provide?

SPICE Managed Analytics are simple, fast, and affordable. Our visualizations are brilliant—easy to understand and easy to share with anyone, helping you quickly act on your data analyses. With rapid deployments as quick as 2-3 weeks FIXED and AFFORDABLE monthly fee programs, Spice revolutionizes your reporting needs and make it a breeze to keep it up with new requirements and changes all while maintaining competitive prices.


Why ‘SPICE Insight’ for Managed Analytics?

We understand our clients and the kind of metrics and KPI’s that are relevant to their business. We also understand that different parts of the business need to deliver actionable insights whether through dashboards, reports, messaging, live, or mobile. We work with our clients to coach, develop and implement the Metrics and KPI’s that deliver the biggest benefits – FAST. Our expert teams work with today’s most trusted enterprise and agile BI tools to manage, develop and deliver to your reporting needs as a Managed Project or as part of your IT team.



Engagement Model

Our consultants use a proven process to bridge the business and the technical aspects of each project.  From requirements to implementation, services are geared towards achieving the type of information visibility that is accurate, consistent, impactful and is adopted widely. 

Want to try SPICE?

Ask us a question. We would be happy to help.
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