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Who is NEECOM?

The New England Electronic Commerce Users’ Group (NEECOM) is a nonprofit organization established in 1990. Their members include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, hospitals, insurance companies, motor carriers, universities, banks and government agencies. The common thread is their interest in EC/EDI and related technologies.

Speaking topics include:

  • Tips to Help You Manage EDI Without Losing Your Sanity
  • Managing and Gaining Control Over Your Retail Supplier Scorecards
  • Leveraging EDI Documents in Drop Shipments to create and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Dashboard
  • Every Department is Narcissistic and Speaks a Different Language – An Interactive Session on Communications
  • Connected Commerce Through the Cloud – Achieving Operational Excellence in an Omni-Channel World
  • Everything You Need to Know about AS2… and More!
  • Soft Skills That Drive Project Success
  • Supply Chain/B2B Shrinkage – The Most Common Ways That Your Products are Disappearing in Transit… and How to Stop it!

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