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A huge area that still presents a challenge in the current EDI business is the lack of education around what EDI is, what it’s capable of, and what particular organizations can do with the EDI processes.

Most retailers have a good understanding of what EDI is on the technical level but not a very good understanding on the business level, like what kind of advantages can be gained through EDI. When EDI rushed into the market nearly 20 years ago everybody was excited and began implementing it with a clear vision of what it can achieve, but once it was implemented it kind of stalled in the technical environment in terms of what’s the next step after implementation.

The next step doesn’t start with the IT department; it starts with the business, and there is a huge need to educate all levels of the business on what should and can be done with EDI. Once business leaders have the tools and understanding of EDI they can bring it into their organization from a top-level perspective. Technology and EDI are changing rapidly and so are the use cases, so education is a must. It’s all about having the conversation, “what is possible with EDI?” and it’s a very important conversation to be had.

About the Author 

Neel has held senior roles at various technology firms and is currently a Partner at SPICE Technology Group, Inc. Neel is a well recognized technologist within the North American Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution sectors. Amongst the early pioneers in the “cloud” computing market, Neel has been working since the nineties with customers across the globe to achieve technology-driven, quick-time-to-market capabilities for modern commerce and complex supply chains. He brings expertise in digital commerce, supply chain, analytics and in emerging information technologies that are propelling organizations towards new business models. Some of these technologies and their modern applications include “Internet of Things (IoT),” “The API Economy,” “The Sharing Economy” and collectively: “Industry 4.0”

Neel is the Program Chair & Board Member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP – Toronto Roundtable). He is also the Chairperson of the Program Advisory Committee for Business Process Management at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. 

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